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The Vil Clare - Claremont CA Fun, Event-full, Photo-filled

Visit the Garden Year 'Round

Take a Stroll Enjoy the View

Butterfly at Designs Garden

Benjamin Pond

Benjamin Pond

Benjamin Pond at RSABG
Claremont California
A Beautiful Place to See and Be!
©PhotoArt of Claremont by Mindi Meader

Butterfly Psvilion at RSABG photo

Animals (and Insects)
with Attitude

I'm a Picture Perfect Hawk

Hmm I'm a butterfly all right

Sunning at the pond -- YAY!

Hey, anybody in there?

Uh Oh... You See Me

Traffic Jam at Benjamin Pond

Shhh... Just Trying to Blend In

Let's do the bunny hop

Do you know turtles roar?

So what are you lookin' at?

Lizard? Did You Say Lizard?