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The Vil Clare - Claremont CA Fun, Event-full, Photo-filled

THE VIL CLARE • So Cool / So Cali / So Very Claremont-y!

A Fun, Photo-filled focus on Claremont CA - The City of Trees and PhDs - in SUNsational So Cal

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Animals with Attitude

Birdy, have I got gossip for you!

Munch time
Kinda shy hummingbird

Hello. Who's calling, please?

DRAGONfly - I'm an animal!

Triple DUCKer

Sure I can wave "HI"
Yeah this is my best side
I've got gossip from the birds

Lizard lounge-ing . Cool!

Who loves nectar? Me!!!
Animals with Attitude
Peek-a-boo. You're "it"!

Speedy turtle grand prix • Go!

Butterfly? Who me? Cool.

Yoo-woo any bunny home?

Ever wonder what's out there?

Gotta run!

Turtle and duck chit-chatting

Snack time... Yum!


@The Dood Charles

Too Cool for the Room

We did "Say Cheese"!

Ya Gotta have Friends

Hey! What's Happening?

Havin' Fun

Rockin' It on Friday Night

King of the World!

Take a Look Around

Guided Walking Tours by Claremont Heritage
Walking Tour: Claremont Village - 1st Sat. Monthly

Fun Find in the Village


Claremont - Fresh Produce / Farmers Market

Around Town

Laemmle 5 Theaters Claremont
Laemmle's 5 Theatres
Route 66 Claremont CA sign
Route 66 Claremont