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The Vil Clare - Claremont CA Fun, Event-full, Photo-filled



A Fun, Photo-filled focus on Claremont CA - The City of Trees and PhDs - in SUNsational So Cal
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Giggles and Cheer, Mindi Meader, Photographer / Designer

Butterfly Pavilion at RSABG
Amanda Castro Band at Public Plaza June 30
Amanda Castro Band Aug 25
Bert and Rockys
Bert & Rocky's Cream Co.
Speckled Hens in Harvard Square
Speckled Hens in Harvard Sq.

Friday Nights LIVE!

Claremont Village / 6-9pm
Dynamite Dawson
4 Free Concerts Weekly

Traffic Jam at Benjamin Pond

Let's do the Bunny Hop

Oooooooh, Bunny!

Shhh... Just Trying to Blend In

Hey, Anybody in There?

So what are you lookin' at?

Uh Oh... You See Me

Lizard? Did You Say Lizard?

Beer Walk? Let's Party!

Did I Hear Munchies?

Fun? I'm Up for It!

Hey! What's Happening?

Smiling because I'm Happy

Wind is Messin' Up My 'Do

Rockin' It on Friday Night

Havin' Fun

Ya Gotta have Friends

Kids & Dogs enjoy Music

Friday Night Hang-Out

King of the World!

Take a Look Around

Guided Walking Tours by Claremont Heritage
Walking Tour: Claremont Village - 1st Sat.

Fun Find in the Village


Claremont - Fresh Produce / Farmers Market
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Bunny at RSABG
Hummingbird at RSABG
Laemmle 5 Theaters Claremont
Laemmle's 5 Theatres
Route 66 Claremont CA sign
Route 66 Claremont

Fun Scenes
Claremont's Earth Day Celebration

"Whoooooo" did you see at Claremont's Earth Day Celebration?

Claremont's Earth Day Celebration
(Recently) Earth Day Celebration
Claremont Spring Celebration
(Recently) Spring Celebration

Photos from 2017 Spring Celebration

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Claremont California
A Beautiful Place to See and Be!

PhotoArt of Claremont Postcards at:
Birkenstock Footprints of Claremont - Village
Claremont Heights Postal Center - Vons Center
Claremont Heritage - Memorial Park
(Selection varies at each location)

The City of Trees and PhDs
Carnegie Library

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Rio de Ojas

Claremont Depot

©2017 PhotoArt of Claremont by Mindi Meader


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